UD, Xiamen University establish dual degree in oceanography


Scientific visits of US faculty members to the Xiamen University

Professor Mohsen Badiey, Director of the Physical Ocean Science and Engineering (POSE) program at the College of Earth, Ocean, and Environment (CEOE), the University of Delaware visited Xiamen University along with Dr. Jeffery Simmen, the Director of Applied Physics Laboratory, University of Washington, and Professor Ji-Xun Zhou at the Department of Mechanical Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology during summer of 2010. Their trip was followed by Professor Aijun Song who is a faculty member in the POSE program at the University of Delaware. These trips that were funded jointly by the University of Delaware and Xiamen University, aimed at establishing joint scientific programs in the fields of marine bioacoustics and acoustical oceanography. During Dr. Song’s trip in the week of Oct 24-Oct 29, he presented a series of lectures related to the potential scientific collaborations between the two universities. Professor Xiaomei Xu of Xiamen University hosted these trips and arranged for visits to the Dolphin Protection and Nursing Platform (DPNP) at the Wuyuan Gulf. Following pictures show some events during these visits.

COE/XMU allocates first batch of funds for Joint Institute

To promote information exchange and collaboration between Xiamen University’s College of Oceanography and Environmental Science (COE/XMU) and the University of Delaware’s College of Earth, Ocean, and Environment (CEOE/UD), COE has just allocated funds to be used for faculty visits and research under the framework of the Joint Institute for Coastal Research and Management (Joint-CRM). Faculty members affiliated with the Joint-CRM can apply to use these funds. Those requesting support should submit an application form at least two months prior to his/her visit. The form can be downloaded here.

Professor Feng Tong dicussed collaboration on Dolphin sound studies with UD colleagues

Professor Feng Tong of the College of Oceanography and Environmental Science (COE) at Xiamen University, visited the Ocean Acoustics Laboratory at the Physical Ocean Science and Engineering (POSE) Program, College of Earth, Ocean, and Environment (CEOE), the University of Delaware from April 28 to May 06, 2010. Dr. Tong is currently spending his sabbatical leave at the University of California, San Diego, where he is a visiting scientist. Professor Mohsen Badiey and Research Assistant Professor Aijun Song of the POSE program at the University of Delaware had detailed discussions with Professor Tong for the establishment of Dolphin sound studies at the Xiamen Waters. As an outcome of the discussions, research plans have been outlined for the long-term collaboration in this area. Furthermore, an outreach program for Dolphin monitoring in the Wuyuan Gulf has been suggested to gain public support and to obtain initial funding for the collaboration. Dr. Tong’s visit is part of the collaboration initiative in the area of acoustical oceanography between the University of Delaware and Xiamen University.

Professor Xiao-Hai Yan gave a talk at Xiamen University

Professor Xiao-Hai Yan, who is the Mary A. S. Lighthipe Chair Professor of the University of Delaware, visited Xiamen University at the end of March 2010, and delivered a talk titled “Observing the Ocean’s Interior from the Space” to the XMU faculty and students.

Professor Yan has been a Distinguished Scholar of XMU since 2007, and he visited XMU frequently for doing joint research or giving series of lectures there.

UD Delegation Visited the College of Oceanography and Environmental Science and the State Key Laboratory of Marine Environmental Science, Xiamen University

In the afternoon of March 31, 2010, the University of Delaware Delegation visited the College of Oceanography and Environmental Science (COE) and the State Key Laboratory of Marine Environmental Science (MEL), Xiamen University (XMU) in Xiamen. The Delegation, led by Deputy Provost Havidán Rodríguez, included Nancy Targett, Dean of Earth, Ocean and Environment (CEOE); Michael Chajes, Dean of Engineering; George Watson, Dean of Arts & Sciences; Bintong Chen, Prof. in Civil & Environmental Engineering and Business Administration; Jianguo Chen, Director of the Chinese Program and a professor in the Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures; and Bahram Rajaee, Director of Grants, Contracts, and International Partnerships in the Institute for Global Studies. The Lighthipe Chair Professor at CEOE/UD Xiao-Hai Yan, who arrived Xiamen days earlier, also joined the discussion meetings. More information about the Delegation’s visit to China is available at UD’s website.

The Dean of COE/XMU, Prof. Minhan Dai, gave a brief introduction of the College and the MEL to the delegates. Afterwards, Prof. Nancy Targett introduced UD’s marine programs and global perspectives to COE/XMU faculty.Prof. Nancy Targett and Prof. Minhan Dai are the Co-Directors of the Joint Institute for Coastal Research and Management (Joint-CRM). Dai overviewed new progress of the Joint-CRM during year 2009 and expressed his vision for deeper and extensive collaborations with UD in the future. Targett said that she was very pleased to see the progress made in the Joint-CRM, and she was excited to be able to build further collaborations between faculties from both sides.

On April 2, Targett and Yan met with Dai and other COE faculty members again to further discuss detail collaboration issues of the Joint-CRM. Both sides agreed that in addition to ocean remote sensing, other areas of interest for joint research could be acoustics and biogeochemistry and microbial ecology. Both Co-Directors also remarked that they would allocate some seed funds for seeking future funding possibilities to facilitate scholar and student exchange programs. The Dual PhD Degree Program in Oceanography and the facility link in the web of the Joint-CRM were also discussed.

Prof. Jonathan H. Sharp gave a talk on 2009 Xiamen World Ocean Week

The World Ocean Week (WOW) in Xiamen [2009] was held in Xiamen, China, on November 6-12. Prof. Jonathan H. Sharp from CEOE/UD was invited to deliver a talk on the forum of Watershed and Estuary Management, which was cosponsored and organized by Xiamen University, in 2009 WOW on Nov. 7. Prof. Sharp planned to participate in 2009 WOW physically, but couldn’t make it due to personal reasons. His talk titled “Influence of Seasonal and Periodic River Discharge Fluctuations on the Biogeochemistry of the Delaware Estuary” was given via ITV at last.

World Ocean Week (WOW) in Xiamen serves as a platform for regional cooperation as well as for connecting marine and social science, technology, education, public awareness in making policies, management decisions and actions to achieve sustainable use of coastal and marine resources and for achieving sustainable development of the oceans. The theme of the 2009 WOW is “Promoting Marine Ecological Civilization-Island Protection and Sustainable Utilization”. For more information about WOW, please check here.

Xiamen University confers honorary degree on President Harker

Xiamen University held a grand ceremony to celebrate the Honorary Degree in Management conferred to University of Delaware President Patrick T. Harker on the afternoon of Tuesday, Oct. 13. Prof. Chongshi Zhu, president of Xiamen University and chair of the University Academic Board, conferred the honorary degree to President Harker. Prof. Shinong Wu, vice president of Xiamen University, presided over the ceremony.

The University of Delaware has strong ties with Xiamen University, a leading institution in China, with programs of excellence across the academic spectrum. In June 2008, UD and Xiamen University established the Joint Institute for Coastal Research and Management, and additional academic and research collaborations are developing.

For detailed information on this, please check on the Web of UD.

A report from China on the ceremony is also available on the Web of XMU.

Prof. Victor Klemas delivered a talk and lectures in XMU

Professor Emeritus Victor Klemas, Co-Director of Center for Remote Sensing, CMES, visited MEL/XMU from May 24 to June 6. He gave a talk on “Remote Sensing of Coastal Ecosystems” to faculty and students of XMU, and a short course “Application of Remote Sensing” for graduate students of COE during his visit. The short course consisted of 14 lectures, covering from digital image analysis, land cover change analysis, to thermal infrared applications and radar applications, which could be registered by students for 1 credit. This course was specifically designed to students in majors of oceanography and marine physics, and it was also suitable for graduate and undergraduate students interested in coastal environment, watershed, wetland, and coastal ecology to select. Totally ten students registered for it and several others audited it during the course period.

Dr. Young-Heon Jo working on a joint paper with MEL/XMU colleagues

Dr. Young-Heon Jo, research scientist of Oceanography Program at CMES visited the State Key Laboratory of Marine Environmental Science / XMU (MEL) on April 5-8, and met with his colleague Prof. Xiao-Hai Yan, Lighthipe Chair Professor of Oceanography Program at CMES at the same time.

A round table discussion was held in the morning of April 6. Profs. Minhan Dai, Shaoling Shang, Weidong Zhai (represented by Prof. Dai), and PhD candidate Qian Li from MEL, Xiamen University, together with Prof. Xiao-Hai Yan joined the discussion. The main purpose of this discussion is for preparing a joint paper on remote sensing determination of pCO2 in SCS, and for further collaborations on this important research topic.

In the afternoon of April 6 and on April 7, Dr. Jo was met by Prof. Jianyu Hu, Drs. Yuwu Jiang and Wenzhou Zhang, Prof. Shaoling Shang, Dr. Guizhi Wang, and their students. Like his former PhD advisor Prof. Xiao-Hai Yan said, Dr. Jo is pretty versatile, his knowledge and vision surely will do good to our faculty and students through these communications and collaborations.