Zhaoyun Chen becomes first PhD candidate in dual degree program

Student Zhaoyun Chen has just past his PhD oral qualifying exam and become the first PhD candidate in the UD-XMU dual Oceanography PhD Program. Zhaoyun is jointly supervised by UD Prof. Xiao-Hai Yan and XMU Prof. Yuwu Jiang. He studied in UD from September 2009 to March 2010. His research mainly focuses on coastal upwelling using tools of hydrographic survey, remote sensing, model and theoretical analysis. UD Profs. Xiao-Hai Yan and Young-Heon Jo, and XMU Profs. Yuwu Jiang and Wenzhou Zhang participated in his oral qualifying exam held in Xiamen on March 28, 2013.

Zhaoyun was awarded 2012 Chinese PhD National Scholarship. One of his papers was published in Continental shelf research, another two are under revision and will be published soon.