Dr. Timothy Targett had a discussion with aligned XMU faculties

Dr. Timothy Targett from the University of Delaware the College of Earth, Ocean, and Environment made his visit to Xiamen University the college of Ocean and Earth Sciences at the end of March 2012.

He was invited to give a talk titled “Hypoxia and habitat quality for young fishes in estuarine nursery areas: laboratory and field studies of ecophysiological and behavioral responses to low oxygen”, and he also gave a presentation to XMU students on environmental variability in estuaries: laboratory and field techniques for studying impacts on feeding and growth of young fishes.

On March 27, Dr. Targett gathered with several XMU faculties in the field of fisheries for a round table discussion. Each of XMU faculty presented a mini presentation for his better understanding what XMU faculties of fisheries are doing, and then followed by discussion on potential collaborations in the near future.

This is Targett’s first time visit of China. “This is a very productive visit, and I really hope I could be back to Xiamen again,” Targett said.