UD and XMU scientists get together for detailed future cooperation

The Sustaining Dynamic Ecosystem Services in the Coastal Oceans workshop between the USA and China was held at Clayton Hall, University of Delaware from Feb 26 to 28, 2012. The delegation from Xiamen University’s College of Ocean and Earth Sciences (XMU-COE), lead by Dean Minhan Dai, and thirteen scientists from the University of Delaware College of Earth, Ocean and Environment (UD-CEOE) participated in the three-day workshop.

Chaired by Dean Nancy Targett of UD-CEOE and Dr. George Luther, the workshop consisted of scientific talks and group discussions. The main purpose of the workshop was to discuss, in detail, a collaborative study on the Middle Atlantic Bight (MAB) and the South China Sea (SCS, mainly from the Pearl River estuary through the Taiwan Strait) in the near future. Scientists from both sides discussed how to relate basic science to the societal challenges related to sustainability through studying both upscale (climate shifts) and downscale (regional) processes. The ultimate goal of the collaboration in these two economically important ecosystems is to address how the coastal oceans will sustain human activity, energy and economic growth, while maintaining a healthy and vibrant ecosystem in the 21st century.

Information on the UD Sea Grant Program and UD Coast Day Program was introduced to XMU delegates. Coast Day is held on the first Sunday of October every year and is very popular to local citizens around the UD area. Xiamen University is planning to start a similar outreach program starting this year with guidance and support from UD.