Dr. Yan gave lectures to Xiamen middle school students

Dr. Xiao-Hai Yan was invited to give lectures to Xiamen middle school students during his visit of Xiamen University. On March 30 of 2011, he delivered a lecture titled “Ocean studies from space-the frontier of the satellite remote sensing” in Xiamen No. 1 Middle School, and he gave another one at Xiamen Foreign Language Middle School on April 7 of 2011. His lectures were actively responded by the students, and they asked a lot of questions after the lectures.

“This is the first time I give lectures to middle school students, and I was not sure if I have prepared the right materials and whether they would like it or not.” Dr. Yan told us, “But I am very glad to see their eyes eager for this kind of knowledge.” “At the same time I also felt the urgency of disseminating ocean knowledge to younger generations, which will help them know more about the ocean, better protect the ocean, and contribute to the ocean.”