Scientific visits of US faculty members to the Xiamen University

Professor Mohsen Badiey, Director of the Physical Ocean Science and Engineering (POSE) program at the College of Earth, Ocean, and Environment (CEOE), the University of Delaware visited Xiamen University along with Dr. Jeffery Simmen, the Director of Applied Physics Laboratory, University of Washington, and Professor Ji-Xun Zhou at the Department of Mechanical Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology during summer of 2010. Their trip was followed by Professor Aijun Song who is a faculty member in the POSE program at the University of Delaware. These trips that were funded jointly by the University of Delaware and Xiamen University, aimed at establishing joint scientific programs in the fields of marine bioacoustics and acoustical oceanography. During Dr. Song’s trip in the week of Oct 24-Oct 29, he presented a series of lectures related to the potential scientific collaborations between the two universities. Professor Xiaomei Xu of Xiamen University hosted these trips and arranged for visits to the Dolphin Protection and Nursing Platform (DPNP) at the Wuyuan Gulf. Following pictures show some events during these visits.