Professor Feng Tong dicussed collaboration on Dolphin sound studies with UD colleagues

Professor Feng Tong of the College of Oceanography and Environmental Science (COE) at Xiamen University, visited the Ocean Acoustics Laboratory at the Physical Ocean Science and Engineering (POSE) Program, College of Earth, Ocean, and Environment (CEOE), the University of Delaware from April 28 to May 06, 2010. Dr. Tong is currently spending his sabbatical leave at the University of California, San Diego, where he is a visiting scientist. Professor Mohsen Badiey and Research Assistant Professor Aijun Song of the POSE program at the University of Delaware had detailed discussions with Professor Tong for the establishment of Dolphin sound studies at the Xiamen Waters. As an outcome of the discussions, research plans have been outlined for the long-term collaboration in this area. Furthermore, an outreach program for Dolphin monitoring in the Wuyuan Gulf has been suggested to gain public support and to obtain initial funding for the collaboration. Dr. Tong’s visit is part of the collaboration initiative in the area of acoustical oceanography between the University of Delaware and Xiamen University.

Professor Xiao-Hai Yan gave a talk at Xiamen University

Professor Xiao-Hai Yan, who is the Mary A. S. Lighthipe Chair Professor of the University of Delaware, visited Xiamen University at the end of March 2010, and delivered a talk titled “Observing the Ocean’s Interior from the Space” to the XMU faculty and students.

Professor Yan has been a Distinguished Scholar of XMU since 2007, and he visited XMU frequently for doing joint research or giving series of lectures there.