Prof. Jonathan H. Sharp gave a talk on 2009 Xiamen World Ocean Week

The World Ocean Week (WOW) in Xiamen [2009] was held in Xiamen, China, on November 6-12. Prof. Jonathan H. Sharp from CEOE/UD was invited to deliver a talk on the forum of Watershed and Estuary Management, which was cosponsored and organized by Xiamen University, in 2009 WOW on Nov. 7. Prof. Sharp planned to participate in 2009 WOW physically, but couldn’t make it due to personal reasons. His talk titled “Influence of Seasonal and Periodic River Discharge Fluctuations on the Biogeochemistry of the Delaware Estuary” was given via ITV at last.

World Ocean Week (WOW) in Xiamen serves as a platform for regional cooperation as well as for connecting marine and social science, technology, education, public awareness in making policies, management decisions and actions to achieve sustainable use of coastal and marine resources and for achieving sustainable development of the oceans. The theme of the 2009 WOW is “Promoting Marine Ecological Civilization-Island Protection and Sustainable Utilization”. For more information about WOW, please check here.