Prof. Victor Klemas delivered a talk and lectures in XMU

Professor Emeritus Victor Klemas, Co-Director of Center for Remote Sensing, CMES, visited MEL/XMU from May 24 to June 6. He gave a talk on “Remote Sensing of Coastal Ecosystems” to faculty and students of XMU, and a short course “Application of Remote Sensing” for graduate students of COE during his visit. The short course consisted of 14 lectures, covering from digital image analysis, land cover change analysis, to thermal infrared applications and radar applications, which could be registered by students for 1 credit. This course was specifically designed to students in majors of oceanography and marine physics, and it was also suitable for graduate and undergraduate students interested in coastal environment, watershed, wetland, and coastal ecology to select. Totally ten students registered for it and several others audited it during the course period.