A visit to CMES/UD

Dr. Minhan Dai, Dean of College of Oceanography and Environmental Science / Xiamen University (COE/XMU), paid a short visit to the College of Marine and Earth Studies / University of Delaware (CMES/UD) on March 28-29, 2009 during his attending to the SOLAS SSC member meeting in Washington DC, USA, invited by Dr. Nancy Targett, Dean of CMES. The main purpose of this visit is for a brainstorming session at UD to put together a white paper that could be the basis for proposals that might be submitted both in the US and China for some funding for the Joint-CRM.

Dr. Targett hosted a welcome dinner for Dr. Dai in the evening of March 28 together with Dr. Xiao-Hai Yan, Lighthipe Chair Professor of Oceanography Program. In the early morning of March 29, Dr. Targett met with Dr. Dai again for a further discussion about the future collaboration on academics, research and outreaches under the framework of Joint-CRM. Dr. Targett believed that the ties between the two Universities would continue to grow stronger. She said, the exciting upcoming changes for University of Delaware particularly in the areas of environment and climate would further enhance their scope, which would be official in July 2009; both sides would engage in actualizing more collaboration by then.

Dr. Dai also met Dr. Adam Marsh, associate professor of Marine Biosciences Program, Dr. Victor Klemas, professor emeritus of Oceanography Program, Dr. Mohsen Badiey, director of POSE Program, and Dr. Aijun Song, assistant research professor of POSE Program. The last meeting arranged by CMES/UD was to meet with Dr. Xiao-Hai Yan, and Dr. Young-Heon Jo, research scientist of Oceanography Program. They had a nice discussion on preparing a joint paper on remote sensing determination of pCO2 in the South China Sea. The further discussion was planned to continue on April 6 during Dr. Jo’s visit to Xiamen University.

Although Dr. Dai’s visit was short, the outcome was fruitful. Both sides had seen wider and brighter opportunities of collaboration for Joint-CRM.